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Evana Lithgow

BA (Hons), MA (Hons), Dip IO Psychology (Hons)
Director, Working Minds

Evana is a registered psychologist with more than 17 years experience as both an external and internal consultant, spanning a range of industries, sectors and business sizes across Asia Pacific. Evana grew up in a successful family business and has been around business her whole life. She brings a strong toolset to her work and is accredited in the following tools: SHL, Saville, Hogans, MBTI, OCI/OEI and LSI.

The passion and vision Evana brings to her work has made her a highly effective and sought after partner in the areas of succession and transition, strategy, development and capability. A firm believer in what she terms ‘real advice’, Evana is known for her pragmatism and delights in seeing her clients challenge their own thinking and achieve their true potential.

Evana is an energetic and inspiring coach and facilitator of considerable skill, who brings innovation and a sense of fun to each of her engagements. A popular speaker, she enjoys lending an authoritative and authentic voice to a range of people-related issues facing business today.

Evana launched Working Minds in early 2014, after identifying a real need for a local boutique consultancy  offering fresh, practical approaches to developing people and organisations. Since then, her deep knowledge and expertise, as well as her commitment to providing intelligent and workable solutions, have positively influenced a range of people and the organisations they work for, garnering a loyal following of clients in SME’s, family businesses, FMCG, Financial Services, Educational Institutes and Government departments.